Is the Corporate Wellness Offsite right for my team?

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by Ben Davies

The Corporate Wellness Offsite has been designed to deliver instantly usuable knowledge to small teams. Delivered in our dual purpose, fully functioning gym and presentation room, we blend theory and practical to create an educational and enjoyable team-building experience.

Having worked with companies on various elements of their corporate wellness strategy, we wanted to be sure to develop something that was more than just a box-ticking exercise. We wanted participants to come away from it feeling empowered to take control of their health and performance. We wanted it to include information on physical, mental and nutritional wellbeing, without being too broad and non-specific.

But is it right for your team? Here's 4 reasons why it could be:


1. Members of your team have been suffering with back pain

Back and joint pain have become incredibly prevalent, particulaly in the city. 80% of people will suffer with low back pain at some point in their working lives. Being part of London Healthcare Clinic means we see a lot of clients suffering with joint and back pain. This has also allowed us to become rather specialist in this area. The workshop includes advice on how to better support your back at work alongside a practical exercise session teaching your team key tools to strengthen and protect their backs.


2. Your team want a better understanding of how to build stress resilience

Stress has become a "normal" part of our working lives, so it's important to have strategies to improve resilience. Having worked with many of London's top executives, we have had a chance to analyse and measure what strategies help and what habits cause more issues. Using real-world data, we'll show your team how small adjustments to their routines and sleep can make them a lot more stress tolerant.


3. Your team want to know they are eating the right food for health and energy

We all know that eating nutritious food is the key to being healthy and having balanced energy. But sometimes work and life get in the way of good intentions and we end up grabbing that croissant, sandwich or bagel. We share some great strategies around food types, portions and even where to grab healthy food on the go. Plus we cater the workshop with a super nutritious lunch too!


4. You want a team building experience that doesn't involve beer or trust exercises

Maybe pints down the pub is the extent of your team bonding, or you have had enough of innovative trust exercises. They say "those who sweat together, stay together". At the corporate wellness offsite your team will do just that. The day involves some fun exercises sessions, which can include boxing, circuits plus mobility and stretching. Then just throw in some learning and good food and you've got a perfect recipe for team-building.

Does the Corporate Wellness Offsite sound like it's right for you team? If so click here to get in touch and find out more about how we can tailor it to your team's needs.


Ben Davies
Ben has been consulting and working with corporates on various areas of wellness for 4 years. From developing wellness programmes to delivering keynote talks; he has a lot of experience in creating healthy environments for staff.

"Elevate LDN provided a great session of theory and practical application exploring paths to physical, nutritional and mental wellbeing. Our team includes people with varying abilities and all found the half day session thought provoking and applicable - I would strongly recommend Ben and his colleagues at Elevate LDN."

Darrel Billingham - Janus Henderson Investors



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