PT 1to6 - Bespoke Corporate Group Personal Training

Small group personal training designed to boost your staff wellness.

PT 1to6 in association with Elevate LDN offers the chance to train in a small personal training group (maximum group size is 6). Intensity and exercises will be varied to suit the needs of each member of the group. This is not a generic class environment. Each second of every session is specifically tailored to you.

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Who is corporate personal training for?

Corporate Personal Training is designed for companies who want to keep their staff at their peak. Those who want a corporate wellness programme that is more that just lip service. Small group personal training allows the sessions to be more tailored than a class and more affordable than personal training. Good news for your wellbeing team and your finance team.


Breathe & Meditate

Be Peaceful

This session will elongate and lower the breath, releasing physical tension, assisting recovery and improving sleep allowing our busy minds to relax and switch off. Join us in bringing peace and tranquillity into our hectic everyday lives.



Be Strong

This session will work your whole body using weight training through twist, push, squat, lift & press. These are the functional movements the body needs. Your strength increases with the weight used and your whole body will feel the benefit.



Be Powerful

It’s not the calories you burn -it’s what happens next ! Join us for a powerful session .HIIT by definition is hard work ! The post training rewards are huge though - from an exceedingly high metabolism after the session - so burning fat for the rest of the day, to targeting visceral fat in the gut, and finally with the hormonal release through the intensity of the session .


Long & Lean

Be Toned

Best to start early to get the results you want before summer starts. A 6 week course with 2 personal training sessions per week will change your body shape before the end of spring. Male/Female and mixed groups available this is a targeted project to get you long and lean.


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Meet your Group Personal Training Team

Our group personal training specialists are ready to help you achieve your goals.

Mike Houghton

Group Personal Training Coordinator

Short spiel that talks about you as a trainer specific to this speciality. Different wording to your bio as this needs to highlight your expertise in this one area.

Thea Hudson

HIIT | Long and Lean | Kettlebells

Thea works with clients to improve their athletic performance (speed, power and strength) and also, focus on injury prevention. Working in this way, will help you get the best results possible. As a Rower and CrossFitter, Thea is aware of the importance of bullet-proofing your body to get you results and keep you safe!

Stephanie Smith

HIIT | Long and Lean

Steph believes strength training should be accessible to all as it has a world of benefits physically and mentally. Steph helps clients build their physical strength through tailored training programs. Steph is a big advocate of women lifting weights and strongly believes we should live our lives in a body that is as powerful as it can be.

Leo Dolan

HIIT | Long and Lean

Leo believes in building a strong foundation of support, ensuring safe and effective movement with minimal risk of injury. His workouts are crafted with the perfect balance of what you like and what you need, combining elements of strength and conditioning, functional fitness and HIIT, among others. This keeps things fun, varied and overall, effective.

Simone Murphy

Breathe and Meditate

Simone has been practicing meditation for over a decade. Having found yoga and meditation as a way to cope in a high pressure and physically demanding environment, Simone appreciates just how important meditation practice is to modern day living. Simone used yoga and meditation in a difficult time to find stress release and reset her body and mind to her optimum. Having found such great benefit in this, she is keen to share this experience with others to help them also find their inner strength and release.

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