Is the Elevate MVMNT rehabilitation class right for me?

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by Ben Davies

Elevate MVMNT was created by us to get people back moving well either during or after a course of treatment from physiotherapists, chiropractors or osteopaths. The practitioners we work with wanted a small group training session that they felt they could send their patients to.

Elevate MVMNT is based on the principles of Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation (DNS), a rehabilitation system developed in Prague. It allows for movements to be done either very gently for when you are just getting back to exercise, or be made more challenging for when you are building strength and endurance.

So how do you know if Elevate MVMNT is right for you? Here’s our 5 reasons why it may be:


1. You are currently receiving treatment from a manual therapist

We work alongside many physiotherapists, chiropractors and osteopaths to get your body moving the way it should. We have close working relationships with many manual therapists and liaise with them prior to your taking part in the sessions to ensure you only do the exercises they are happy with. The movements involved in the sessions are designed to complement the work being done by your practitioner.


2. You don't want to train in a 1 to 1 setting

Not everyone wants to do 1 on 1 rehabilitation coaching. That may be for financial reasons or because you enjoy a bit of camaraderie while you train. Whatever your reason, Elevate MVMNT is the perfect solution. With a maximum of 5 participants in a session, you get plenty of personal coaching, while having others around to keep you motivated.


3. You have had previous injuries or surgery

A lot of people come to see us because they have previously been injured or had surgery and don't feel as strong as they used to. Going to classes can then be rather daunting as big group sessions don't always allow for the tailored training you need. Elevate MVMNT is perfect for this, because as well as being designed to improve movement after injury, the small group size means everything can be tailored to you.


4. You have suffered with joint or back pain

You don't need to have had a serious injury to have suffered with back and joint issues. Modern living, particularly desk-based work, can take its toll on your body. Elevate MVMNT has been designed to teach you how to properly use your core muscles to protect your back. We also focus heavily on learning to stabilise joints so that they move efficiently.


5. You have had a long break from exercise

If you haven't been exercising for quite a while, it can be tough getting back into a routine. You don't always know where to start and are worried about getting injured. It is important to ease yourself back in and not push yourself too hard. This makes Elevate MVMNT a perfect place to start. The focus is on building strong foundations and gradually building up your endurance and strength on top of this.

So, you may be receiving treatment currently, be suffering with joint or back pain or have had an injury or surgery. You might just be getting back into exercise but don't want to train 1 on 1. If this sounds like you then Elevate MVMNT could be just what you are looking for. If so, click here to get in touch and book in your consultation. If this isn’t quite right for you, check out the other specialist services we offer right in the heart of London here at Elevate LDN.

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Ben Davies

Ben Davies

Ben is one of the senior trainers here at Elevate LDN. As well as training clients himself, he helps to make sure you get paired up with the perfect trainer for you. He also helps to develop our in-house educational workshops for our trainers, bringing in chiropractors and physios to keep our trainers ahead of the competition.


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