Is Executive Personal Training Right For Me?

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by Ben Davies

We built the executive personal training programme directly around the needs of MDs, partners at law firms, CXOs and Global Heads and iterated and adapted with real-world clients. It isn't just a theoretical concept, we have been using these methods with some of London's most successful executives.

We use the latest in assessment technology, so our programmes and advice is never generic. We are based in the heart of the square mile, so it's right on the doorstep of your office. The executive personal training programme has been designed to allow you to maximise your performance both at work and in your training, while keeping your physical, mental and nutritional wellbeing elevated.

So how do you know if this is the right programme for you? Here’s our 6 key indicators that executive personal training is for you.


1. You are career-focused

This programme is meant for people whose careers have always taken priority, sometimes at the expense of their health. We know that in today’s fast-moving world, it’s hard to find time to dedicate to your health. Even when you do find time, there is so much generic information out there, you don’t know what advice to follow. We built this programme to cut through all the noise and give you the results you want because it is based on your own data.


2. You want to measure and tackle stress

Our heart rate variability monitoring allows us to understand what areas are causing the greatest stress over a 72-hour period. As a result we can use this data to find the areas that are causing the greatest issues and the areas promoting the best recovery. We then help you to develop lifestyle strategies around these. This helps to keep you at your best even when work levels increase.


3. You want accurate data about bodyfat

We use DEXA scanning to give you pinpoint accuracy over your body fat measures. This is the gold standard in measuring body fat and muscle mass, right down to the gram. What gets measured, gets managed; so we know this is the best way to keep you on track.


4. You get joint or back pain

We know desk-based work can take it’s toll on your body. That's why we use movement assessments alongside an extensive rehabilitation knowledge to design a programme that helps improve posture and movement patterns. This helps to improve how you sit, stand and move and support yourself, which as a result, can help prevent back and joint issues. We also work closely with a team of expert physios, chiropractors and massage therapists who we can refer you to ensure you are fully taken care of.


5. You want to know about your metabolism

We use metabolic testing to see if you actually have a slow metabolism. We also can see if you burn fat or carbohydrates at rest. As a result we can then develop nutritional and training strategies to get you burning more calories. This allows you to eat the right amount and type of food for your exact needs. No more following the latest fad diet.


6. You want to train smart

We use active metabolic testing to measure your VO2 max and other key markers to see how fit you truly are. More importantly, the results allow us to tailor all training to perfectly match your needs. This allows us to design a cardio programme that specifically targets fat burning, fitness and performance based on your own data.

This list pretty much sums up the clients who are part of the Executive Personal Training programme. They are career driven, but want to take control of their physical, mental and nutritional health. They don't want generic advice, they want personalised guidance backed by real data. Does this sound like the right programme for you? If so, click here to get in touch and book in your consultation. If this isn’t quite right for you, check out the other specialist services we offer right in the heart of London here at Elevate LDN.

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Ben Davies

Ben Davies

Ben is one of the senior trainers here at Elevate LDN. As well as training clients himself, he helps to make sure you get paired up with the perfect trainer for you. He also helps to develop our in-house educational workshops for our trainers, bringing in chiropractors and physios to keep our trainers ahead of the competition.


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