Hayley Fishwick

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Hayley supports females to access what she describes as their ‘innate superpowers’ through the participation and enjoyment of regular exercise.

Her style of training focuses on achieving triumphs across sessions to support improved strength and empowerment both inside and outside the studio. Hayley believes that strength training is accessible to all and aims to put her clients at ease with the gym environment. She is experienced working with women who have never lifted weights before and her goal is to remove any feelings of intimidation associated with the gym, as well as ensuring safe practice and quality of movement to minimise risk of injury.

She believes that a healthy mind is a key benefit of training, with stress relief and stress management proving to be key outcomes with her clients. Training with Hayley will include a variety of strength and HIIT exercise, tailored to your specific needs and requirements, with a focus on functionality to ensure that your efforts in the sessions support and enhance your life outside of the gym.

Hayley strongly believes there are no quick fixes that can leave you feeling as good as your own willingness and commitment to your health. Her aim is to nurture clients to create a healthy relationship with exercise for the long term.

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