Thea Hudson

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Thea specialises in traditional Strength Training and also Sports Specific Strength & Conditioning training for athletic development (including, Olympic lifting). Thea will be able to help you whether you are looking to learn how to lift, use resistance training to aid with weight lost or looking to take your athletic performance to another level. With a background in CrossFit and Rowing, be sure to expect some tough conditioning pieces!

Strength Training
Get stronger, get leaner and get healthier. Strength training is a key component of overall health and fitness for everyone and has wide ranging benefits, it doesn’t just stop at how much you can lift. The benefits range from increased metabolism, muscle mass, improved immunity as well as improvements in cognitive function and functional strength, the list goes on. As a regular in the gym as well as holding UKSCA and British Weightlifting Coaching qualifications and CrossFit Level 1 Certification, Thea will give you the tools and education to lift safely, improve your strength and get physiological benefits as a side product.

Strength and Conditioning for Athletes
For athletes, their performance and results are vital, but so is injury prevention. Thea will work with you to improve your speed, power and the strength required to maximise your performance in your specific sport and also make sure your body is robust enough to keep enjoying sport for as long as possible. Thea is also an Olympic Lifting Coach so where appropriate, she will be able to include this in your programme.

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