Is Olympic lifting best for me and my goals?

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by Leo Dolan

There are a lot of sports specific and more general weightlifting training benefits that can be achieved through safe and effective Olympic lifting personal training sessions. Due to its technical nature, a lot of people steer clear of Olympic lifting and miss out on its many benefits. This doesn’t mean it is right for everyone and that will often depend on your training goals.

If you have ever asked yourself any of the following questions, then Olympic weightlifting specific personal training sessions with our qualified lifting coaches may be the answer.


1. How do I increase my speed and power?

If you are struggling to break through speed and power plateaus in sports such as running, rugby, football, cycling, tennis and gymnastics, then some of the benefits of Olympic lifting can help overcome barriers. This is particularly true in movements requiring explosive strength, jumps and sprints. These are not only sports-specific, however. Olympic weightlifting training can help those simply looking to make gains in the force and velocity of their training overall, working to greatly improve squats and deadlift among others.


2. How can I improve my mobility in my lifts?

Many of those who have some experience in Olympic lifting, be this through previous lifting coaching, CrossFit group classes, or god forbid having tried it after seeing it online, will have faced the struggle to keep correct form in their lifts. Many struggle to get deep enough in a squat or be able to fully lock their arms out in a strong position overhead whilst maintaining a safe spinal position. This is a problem regularly seen with many of the “desk athletes” we see walk through our doors. The truth is some people are so tight in the hip and shoulder areas that beginning with Olympic lifting movements may not be the best for them.

Olympic weightlifting sessions at our London studio, just a few minutes’ walk from both Liverpool Street and Moorgate station, focus heavily on mobility to help us work into key positions safely. Mobility programming helps a range of issues many of us face in daily life like, tight hips from sitting down all day, lower back pain from sitting down all day and rounded shoulders and upper back from…well, sitting down all day. These problems can also be solved by a deeper understanding of our next key area.


3. How can I improve my kinaesthetic awareness?

Also referred to as proprioception, spacial awareness, body awareness or simply coordination. Training our brains to safely and accurately position our spine and limbs both at rest and under load is key to keeping us pain free and functioning properly. If you have ever experienced back or neck pain whilst sitting down, likelihood is, you have been sitting in a suboptimal position and causing unnecessary tension in your joints and ligaments.

Efficient Olympic lifting requires participants to hone their proprioceptors, training them to master moving quickly, powerfully and accurately through a range of body positions. All this is aided by keeping a strong, stable core and a neutral spine to produce maximum lifts. This translates into to daily life where correct posture can contribute to remaining pain free.

So, if you have ever asked yourself any of these questions then our Olympic lifting personal training sessions could be ideal for you.

As mentioned, the Olympic lifts are complex movements requiring skill, coordination and mobility to perform efficiently. Although difficult to master, they are proven to help train and improve maximum strength output, core stability, speed under load and force production which in turn help greatly in sports and daily life. Our Olympic lifting One-on-one personal training sessions work from the ground up to help lifting enthusiasts of all levels with safe and efficient weightlifting. From our introductory, ‘Learn to lift’ sessions which include movement and mobility assessments to more advanced courses for more seasoned lifters our certified weightlifting coaches can help.

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