Tailored Boxing and Muay Thai Personal Training programmes in London

Punch and kick your way to a healthier version of you with our specialist Boxing and Muay Thai trainers.

Boxing and Muay Thai personal training pushes your cardiovascular fitness to its limits. You'll be so focused on combos and techniques that you won't even realise how hard you push yourself. Let our specialist trainers in the City of London take your fitness to the next level.

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Who is boxing and muay thai personal training for?

Boxing and Muay Thai personal training is designed for people who are looking to improve fitness and let off steam. Striking pads really helps to de-stress and will get you working harder than you thought you could. Boxing and Muay Thai training also helps you to develop power, endurance, core strength and coordination.

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Boxing Fitness

If you've ever put on a pair of boxing gloves to use a punch bag, or on pads with a trainer, you'll know how challenging boxing is.

Whether you are new to boxing and just want to work on your fitness, or you are more seasoned and want to refine your technique; our specialist trainers can tailor sessions to you.

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Muay Thai Fitness

Muay Thai fitness personal training allows you to get many of the benefits of martial arts training without getting hit! It is ideal for complete novices or seasoned fighters.

With a combination of punches, kicks and strikes with your knees, you'll develop core strength, balance, coordination and power. All this while pushing your fitness to its limits and letting off steam.

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Meet Your Boxing and Muay Thai Trainers

Our specialist personal trainers are ready to help you hit your goals.

Robbie Rundle

Boxing Personal Trainer

Robbie is our resident boxing aficionado. His sessions are both tough and technical. He also practices what he preaches and has fought in white collar boxing bouts. If you want technical know-how to go along with some intense pad-work; Robbie is your man.

Amanda Khouv

Muay Thai Personal Trainer

Amanda helps deskbound professionals to improve their physical fitness, while reducing mental stress, through Muay Thai and boxing training. She has developed a unique style of coaching taking experience from training in, competing in and teaching Muay Thai for several years. This has shaped her inclusive approach to exercise allowing her to coach people with varying experience, from all backgrounds and given her the tools I need to help others overcome mental and physical barriers.

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