An effective Executive Personal Training programme in London

The high-tech, fully-personalised training programme designed around London's CEOs, MDs and Global Heads

Developed by our senior trainer, Ben Davies, who has spent the last seven years working with London's executives and directly with companies, developing strategies and programmes to keep you at your peak. He has worked with CEOs, MDs, Global Heads and Partners of some of the biggest financial, legal, tech and property companies in the square mile.

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Who is executive personal training for?

The executive personal training programme uses the latest in assessment technology to take all the guesswork away from your training and nutrition. Approaching your goals with a three-pillared framework of physical, mental and nutritional health, covers all bases and allows you to excel both in your life at home and at work. The assessments we use allow us to tailor every part of your programme, including physical training, lifestyle guidance and nutritional recommendations.

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The executive personal training programme starts with the assessment phase. The comprehensive array of assessments we use gives us the data we need to build every element of your programme.

This includes DEXA scanning to assess body composition/fat/muscle balance; Metabolic testing to guide nutrition and cardio training; Heart Rate Variability testing to analyse stress over 72 hours; and Movement Assessment to guide the creation of your fitness programme.

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The fitness element comprises of 2 personal training sessions per week combining, mobility, stability, endurance, strength and power training. Fitness training that is bespoke to your needs is essential for lasting health.

Programmes contain a mix of resistance training and cardio, balanced according to your particular goals. There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach, personal training sessions are built around you.

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We will personally guide you through every step of the way to overcome the challenges that have stopped you for years.

We don’t try and overhaul your life and set unrealistic food plans; we work with you to find what areas in your nutrition need most work and tackle one at a time. This has been shown to be the optimum method for sustainable results.

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Ben Davies
Executive Personal Trainer

Ben is an executive personal trainer who helps his clients to get back to their peak health and performance by tackling three key areas; physical, mental and nutritional health. He has developed a system over 7 years of working with some of London’s top executives in both finance and law.

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