A Non-aesthetic-focused Personal Training programme in London

Developed by our very own champion of women's health and female-focused personal trainer, Hannah Lewin.

The approach is firmly "anti-diet" and we work with our clients to approach their training from a non-weight loss perspective to ensure fitness goals are both achieved and crucially, maintained long term.

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Who is Non-Aesthetic-Focused Personal Training for?

Non-Aesthetic-Focused Personal Training is designed for people who don't want to fixate on their weight and aesthetics. Reducing body fat and changing your body shape are by-products of improving exercise and nutritional habits. So rather than becoming obsessed with the numbers on the scale we'll focus on finding enjoyment in the gym and with healthy eating.



Resistance training forms the core of our sessions. Strength work is key to building strength, improving posture, performance and reducing injury- as well as providing clients with a non-aesthetic focus. Mastering key lifts and improving strength is an effective way to refocus your training, offering clients tangible improvements in their fitness- without a sole focus on fat loss.



Building endurance is an essential component within our personal training sessions. Improving cardio fitness can provide a marked difference to activities of daily life, as well as additional associated health benefits. Improving endurance doesn’t have to mean hours of treadmill work- instead, we use a variety of techniques within our tailored programmes including kettlebells, bodyweight training, and boxing/pad work.



Mindset and physical fitness often go hand in hand. Mindset is as important as aesthetic happiness and working on improving confidence is a hugely important part of our personal training sessions. Reframing the way our clients approach personal training, by moving the focus away from aesthetics and towards physical fitness, has proven to be hugely transformational mentally and can also assist with improvements in physical fitness.


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Meet Your Coaches

Our non-aesthetic-focused personal training specialists are ready to help you achieve your goals.

Hannah Lewin

Non-Aesthetic-Focused Personal Trainer

Hannah aims to encourage all of her clients to view their health and fitness as a long term commitment that becomes an integral, everyday part of their lives. Training sessions are tailored for each of her clients in order to meet their specific goals, as she does not believe in a 'one-size-fits-all' approach to training. Hannah aims to deliver sessions that challenge, empower, and motivate, but also include laughter!

Hayley Fishwick

Non-Aesthetic-Focused Personal Trainer

Hayley's style of training focuses on achieving triumphs across sessions to support improved strength and empowerment both inside and outside the studio. Hayley believes that strength training is accessible to all and aims to put her clients at ease with the gym environment. She is experienced working with women who have never lifted weights before and her goal is to remove any feelings of intimidation associated with the gym, as well as ensuring safe practice and quality of movement to minimise risk of injury.

Hannah Jacobi

Non-Aesthetic-Focused Personal Trainer

Hannah takes a weight neutral approach when training her clients, meaning that the focus is not on losses, but rather what you can gain from training. Rather than being driven by aesthetic goals or weight-loss fads, Hannah promotes a method of training that helps clients thrive in life and for life. Hannah teaches everyone of any shape or size to love their bodies, training from a place of self-care to get the best results for each individual client.

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