Bespoke Pre and Post Natal Personal Training programmes in London

Maintain your physical health during the most important time in your life.

Whether you are expecting or a new mum, our specialist trainers in the City of London will help you stay fit, active and healthy in a safe way during and after your pregnancy. Training during your pregnancy helps you stay in touch with your core and create a body that will support your growing bump and changing shape, not to mention prepare you for the workout that is labour. Post natal personal training not only makes sure you have time to yourself, but also helps you to retrain your core muscles, build pelvic floor strength and get you back to full fitness.

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Who is pre/post natal personal training for?

Pre and post natal personal training is designed for women who are pregnant or have had a baby more than 6 weeks ago and are looking to get back into training or want help on feeling themselves again. We help you wade through the sea of information and give you the right exercises and lifestyle habits to put you in the best physical health during and after your pregnancy.



Staying active during your pregnancy has multiple benefits from improving your physical health, the health of your growing baby and decreasing the chances of complicated labour, to name just a few. Pre-natal personal training takes all the guesswork out of what exercises you can and can't do and what is exactly right for you.

Not only will training help you stay as comfortable and pain free as possible with your growing bump, but also keep your core muscles healthy, keeping you stronger during your pregnancy and making recovery post-pregnancy easier.

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It can be hard to know where to start with Post-natal training. So, let our specialist trainers design a bespoke training plan for you.

Training after pregnancy helps retrain pelvic floor and core connection, loosen off any tight areas and strengthen muscles to help you handle everything that life as a new mum throws at you. It’s a great excuse for “you” time to help you get back to feeling great again.

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Meet Your Pre and Post Natal Trainers

Our specialist personal trainers are ready to help you look after your health during and after pregnancy.

Emily Pointer

Pre/Post Natal Personal Trainer

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Hannah Lewin

Pre/Post Natal Personal Trainer

As a mother, Hannah is passionate about helping women to remain as active as possible throughout pregnancy, as well as the importance of sufficient recovery before rebuilding fitness levels postpartum.

Thea Hudson

Pre/Post Natal Personal Trainer

Whether you are expecting a new arrival or looking to get back into training since they’ve arrived, Thea will help guide you throughout. Creating plans to help maintain your strength and fitness during your pregnancy and in the post-natal period, help you re-establish your routine and build the foundations to get you back into fitness.

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