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Rehabilitation Personal Training is for people who have had issues with joint pain or back pain and who want to improve their posture and movement. Programmes are designed to improve your core strength, your joint stability, increase your mobility and get your body moving like it is meant to.

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Who is rehabilitation personal training for?

Rehabilitation personal training is aimed at people who have previously been injured or suffered from joint pain or back pain. It doesn't replace the need for physiotherapy or chiropractic, but serves as the next step once to get you back to full strength and function.

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Movement assessments play a part in all our programmes but they are particularly crucial in rehabilitation personal training. All training starts with an assessment of your posture, movement and mobility.

This enables us to build a programme that allows you to progress steadily and safely while minimising the risk of re-injury.

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We commonly see that in clients who have experienced back pain or other injuries, core muscles are functioning incorrectly. This is even the case with people who are not injured but spend a lot of time sedentary at work.

Training that focuses on improving the function of the core can increase strength and stability of the back and even improve how you breathe.

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Our modern lifestyle often leads to us losing our ability to move well. This in turn can lead to injury and pain as we poorly load our joints, muscles and tendons.

We coach you to improve how your body moves, protecting your joints, improving your flexibility and teaching you to move more efficiently. This helps you both in daily life or while out playing sports.

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Meet Your Rehab Coaches

Our rehabilitation personal training specialists are ready to help you back to full strength and fitness.

Ben Davies

Rehabilitation Personal Trainer

Ben's passion for rehabilitation started when he suffered from a lower back disk injury in his early 20s. This drove him to want to understand more about how the body should function. He went on to study both Corrective Exercise and Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation (DNS). He now works closely with chiropractors and physiotherapists to help their patients and his clients retrain their bodies and move more efficiently.

Alex Navarro

Rehabilitation Personal Trainer

Understanding the science behind exercise, combined with his passion for sports and ideal movement, has made Alex an expert in helping athletes recover from their injuries and body imbalances. Using static and dynamic tests to understand a little bit more about your problem, he will create and adjust your rehab programme to overcome issues and feel 100% strong and confident again. He'll help you to get back to your sport or daily exercise pain free and in the most efficient and quickest way possible.

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