A calming 1 to 1 Yoga and Meditation Programme in London

Come and join us for some well-deserved time out on the mat to help release your body and mind.

Our yoga and meditation sessions are specifically designed around the busy London lifestyle, allowing you to take the time out of your day to reset your body and your mind. The intimate nature of these sessions allows us to tailor a series of sequences around you, enabling us to create a bespoke plan that will release your tensions and serve your goals.

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Who 1 to 1 yoga and meditation for?

Yoga and meditation are perfect for busy professionals who need a physical and mental break to focus on their wellbeing. Both yoga and meditation allow you this time out to focus on yourself, a moment in your day or week to silence the background noise and bustle, helping you to increase your focus and productivity.

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During our yoga sessions, we create an personalised series of postures to help uncurl your posture from the modern day “desk hunch” to an open and realigned position.

This allows you to become not only physically stronger and more flexible but also opens up your body language to convey the happiest, healthiest and most confident version of yourself.

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Our 1 to 1 meditation sessions are tailored entirely around your goals and releasing your individual tensions. During these sessions, we begin to release the mind of what doesn’t serve you and focus in on your goals and aspirations, enabling you to transform your daily stresses from pressure to prosperity.

These guided meditations allow your brain time to switch off and release, whilst you are flooded with images of power and positivity, leaving you with a clearer, more determined mindset.

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Meet Your Yoga and Meditation Instructor

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Simone Murphy

Yoga and Meditation Instructor

Simone has been practicing yoga for over a decade. Having found yoga and meditation as a way to cope in a high pressure and physically demanding environment, Simone appreciates just how important yoga and meditation practice is to modern day living. Coming from a dance background, Simone has an in-depth understanding of working to (and gradually going beyond) the body’s limits, allowing her to safely push you to achieve more than you ever thought possible. Simone used yoga in a difficult time to find stress release and reset her body and mind to her optimum. Having found such great benefit in this, she is keen to share this experience with others to help them also find their inner strength and release.

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