Develop a high level of cardiovascular fitness, core strength and power.

Boxers have some of the highest fitness levels in sport. Get the benefits of the training without getting hit or having to step foot in a ring. Although if you are planning to take part in a white-collar fight, we have the perfect team to get you fight-ready.


Boxing will challenge both your aerobic fitness while you work on drills and your anaerobic fitness as you let loose on the pags and bags.

We will design your sessions so that you are so focused on techniques that you barely notice how hard you are working until you finally rest.


Boxing requires good core strength as the whole body has to work as a complete unit in order to execute the techniques effectively. Therefore learning these techniques correctly helps you to develop a strong core.

Your sessions will be designed to teach you how to use your core muscles to transfer forces correctly making you stronger and increasing your punch power.


Learning and practicing your boxing skills on a regular basis will likely boost your confidence in day-to-day life dramatically. Discovering what you are capable of can make a huge difference to people who have not experienced any martial arts before.

Having a coach guide you every step of the way allows you to quickly and effectively improve your abilities and overall fitness.