Get the data needed to motivate and measure change

The assessments we use have a multitude of benefits, from accurately and objectively measuring your progress, to a scientifically proven increase in behaviour change and improved success at hitting your goals. Assessments help to keep you motivated and keep you on track.


This is the gold standard for body composition (fat vs muscle) measurement and it is also one of the easiest. A scan takes less than four minutes. You’ll lie on a padded bed while a moving arm makes three passes over your body. All you have to do is lie there and remain still.

Once the scan is complete, a highly detailed three-page report will be generated showing your precise body composition – fat, visceral fat, lean mass and bone – in each part of your body.


People often talk about slow or fast metabolism and with this assessment we can see exactly how yours behaves. The assessment provides two key insights into your metabolism. We can see whether your metabolism is lower of higher than expected and whether you predominantly burn fats or carbs at rest.

This allows us to make important nutritional and lifestyle recommendations to assist with body composition and energy levels.


Using a treadmill or static bike alongside our high-tech analyser; we measure your metabolic rate while taking you through an increasing cardiovascular challenge.

This gives us a detailed understanding of your current fitness levels and allows training to be tailored to your goals and level; whether that be fat loss or training for a specific event. This allows you to train smart, rather than over or undertraining.


Using Heart Rate Variability (HRV) assessment, we look at your stress and recovery levels over 72 hours. This allows us to analyse various stressors throughout the day as well as looking at sleep quality and quantity and the factors affecting this.

This provides useful insights into areas of negative stress and enables targeted interventions to improve your stress levels and help improve all areas of your health.


All our training programmes begin with a full movement assessment to understand how you move and build your training programme around your individual needs.

This enables us to ensure you have strong foundations on which to build, leading to overall better results and reduced injury risk. This is also ideal for anyone who has experienced previous back problems or joint injuries.