Fitness training that is bespoke to your needs is essential.

It helps to improve your posture, flexibility, strength, muscle balance and fat burning ability. The fitness element of the executive personal training programme comprises of 2 sessions per week combining, mobility, stability, endurance, strength and power training. Programmes contain a mix of resistance training and cardio, balanced according to your particular goals. There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach, sessions are built around you.


Using information taken from your movement assessment, a personal training programme will be created that builds a solid foundation of good quality movement.

This works to improve postural and movement problems that are common with deskbound careers. Doing this allows you to safely and effectively improve your fitness while minimising injury risk.


Resistance training is fundamental to overall health and performance. This encompasses everything from bodyweight exercises to heavy lifting, all dependant on your specific needs, goals and current ability.

From increasing muscle mass to speeding up your metabolism; resistance training plays an integral part.


Both in structured personal training sessions and in prescribed workouts outside of sessions, the cardiovascular element will be tailored to you.

Using the data gathered from your active metabolic profile, all cardio work is done at specific heart rate ranges, so that you can train smarter and most efficiently.