Nutrition coaching is fundamental to optimal performance and achieving your health goals.

It is key to reducing bodyfat, increasing muscle mass and balancing energy levels. There is more to nutrition that just eating salads and avoiding carbs. We believe in realistic, sustainable eating strategies designed to help you obtain an ideal body composition, maintain high energy and still enjoy food!


We understand that using willpower alone is often draining and leads to relapses in healthy behaviours. That is why we focus on building lasting habits that become effortless and normal

We’ll evaluate the areas that will have the greatest impact and work with you to instil these healthy habits. This is proven to be the most effective way for making healthy eating part of your life.


Accountability and compliance are fundamental to making lasting changes. That is why we track various elements of your nutrition at different stages along your journey

From food diaries to habit tracking, we make sure we are dealing with objective data so we can see what is working and what needs changing. This also ties in with our DEXA scanning to ensure you are getting the results you want


We don’t expect you to change your diet overnight or eat chicken and broccoli 5 times a day. These methods just don’t work for the long term. We work with you to find solutions that actually stick.

If you have to eat out a lot with clients or lunch meetings, we’ll help you find the best restaurants. Hate calorie counting? Then we’ll show you a variety of other ways to get your diet right.