Develop the right kind of strength to allow you to maximise performance in your sport.

Not all strength training is created equal, so what works for a rugby player won’t necessarily work for a runner. Whatever your chosen sport, strength training will be fundamental in optimising your ability to perform at your best.


Muscular endurance plays a role in pretty much all sports, from cycling to squash. It helps to maintain performance levels for longer and reduce injury risk.

We will design your programme around the sports you play, meaning you’ll develop the specific endurance needed.


Strength is defined as the ability to overcome a force. This is key to most contact sports as well as many others. Strength also allows you to better absorb forces when running or jumping.

Our trainers know what forces are at play in sports so can design your programme to ensure you get strong in all the right areas.


From golf to weightlifting; most sports require some form of power. This in short is the ability to produce force at speed.

We can build your training programme to develop power in the most relevant ways to your sport. For rowing this could be driving and pulling power, for football this could be sprinting and lateral pushing power.