Strength Training

Build a well-rounded base of physical strength and anti-fragility.

Learn how to develop real strength that isn’t just for show. We teach you everything from developing muscular endurance, stability, strength, muscle gain and power. This gives you a great balance and leaves no stone unturned. On top of that, everyone knows, strong people are harder to kill!


Muscular endurance helps to maintain performance levels for longer and reduce injury risk. It also improves blood flow to get nutrients to your muscles.

We will take you through a programme of high-repetition training with minimal rest to really get you muscles working.


Often overlooked, stability training lays down a structural base for you to build your strength on. Strong buildings need stronger foundations.

Our trainers know how to challenge you with lots of single leg and core work to challenge your joint stabilisation.


Hypertrophy is just the technical term for muscle growth. Depending on your goal this will either play a big or just a small role in your training.

We will design your programme to ensure you get the outcomes you want, whether that is putting on some size or staying lean.


Strength is defined as the ability to overcome a force. So the aim here is to maximise your strength in all the big movements

Training for max strength involves lifting relatively heavy weights for just a few repetitions with longer rest times. Don’t be fooled though, longer rest doesn’t make this easy.


Power, in short, is the ability to produce force at speed. Jumping, sprinting, throwing and olympic lifting all require power.

We can build your training programme to develop power safely and with control.