Build strong foundation on which to build a healthy, active lifestyle.

Resistance training is one of the key pillars of weight loss, or more crucially fat loss. You will build a strong resilient body that allows you to maintain the level of activity needed to develop a fit and healthy physique.


Muscular endurance is key for allowing you to exercise for longer and reducing injury risk. The training itself is also great for getting your body burning fat.

We will design your programme around your current level. So, don’t worry if you are new to the gym or haven’t trained for a while. We know exactly how to adapt everything to your needs.


Strength training helps to develop a level of resilience in the body. It also increases the bodies natural calorie burning levels.

Our trainers will guide you safely through your bespoke programme, allowing you to feel and look stronger than ever.


A staple in many sports training programmes, but also a great way to develop an athletic physique. Once you can perform powerful movements repeatedly, you’ll be well on your way to shedding fat.

Power training can be demanding, so our trainers will only get you doing this once you have built a strong foundation of strength.