Personal Training
designed to restore your body

Our specialist team in the City of London have several unique ways designed to help get your body moving the way it should.



Our specialist trainers can help you get back to full fitness while helping you learn to take care of your body. Rehabilitation Personal Training is for people who have had issues with joint and back pain and who want to improve their posture and movement.

Programmes are designed to improve your core strength, your joint stability, increase your mobility and get your body moving like it is meant to.

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Maintain you physical health during the most important time in your life. Whether you are an expectant or new mum, our specialist trainers will keep you at your peak physical health in the safest possible way.

Pre-natal personal training during your pregnancy helps to keep you strong, improve circulation and reduce swelling. Post-natal personal training helps you to retrain your core muscles, build pelvic floor strength and get you back to full fitness.

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At Elevate LDN, we do Yoga differently. We don't do big classes where you get forgotten at the back. We deliver small group classes of a maximum of 5 participants and 1-on-1 sessions.

Combining elements of Hatha and Ashtanga, our small group and 1-on-1 sessions are the safest and most effective way to develop your Yoga practice.

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