Develop control, stability and fluidity in your movement and protect your body.

Learn how to move in the way that your body is designed to. The body is an incredibly efficient machine but only if we use it properly. Modern life often leads to us losing our movement ability, leading to misusing joints and muscles. We teach you to properly use core muscles, keep joints in optimal positions while moving to minimise unnecessary strain.


We need to be able to keep joints in their ideal position while performing normal movements. This includes both day-to-day movements and exercises.

We work on specific movements that allow you to build the stability and body-awareness needed to get you moving more efficiently.


There is more to working your core than planks and sit ups. The core muscles help to support the spine and transfer forces up and down the body.

In Flow you’ll work on movements that challenge your core muscles through different planes of motion. They way they work in real life.


In Flow, you’ll work on more complex sequences of movement, that challenge you to maintain control throughout. This prepares you for activities that involve more coordination such as running and sports.

Improving your coordination is vital for keeping your movements controlled and efficient. This in turn reduces load on your spine, muscles and joints.