Learn to move and stabilise your body to protect your spine and joints.

There are certain positions and movement that are universal. We all learn to support our body in the same way. First stabilising the spine, then shoulders, hips and joints further away from our midline. The sessions are based on the principles of Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation (DNS), a system developed in Prague. This looks at these fundamental movements and positions that we all naturally should have and uses them to retrain the body to move the way it was originally intended to.


As basic as it sounds, many of us don’t breathe well. This prevents us from using our core muscles properly.

We will show you exercises and techniques to learn to breathe properly, which can decrease tension in the neck and shoulders while strengthening your core muscles.


The next area we focus on is good posture and positioning. In order to move well we need to be able to hold ourselves in good positions.

In the sessions you will work on positions that target core, shoulder and hip stability as well as good alignment.


Posture is about more that sitting or standing still. We need to be able to move without losing good alignment and stability.

We use transitions between positions to teach you how to maintain good spinal alignment and postures that keep your joints healthy.