Is Weight Loss Personal Training For Me?

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by Ben Davies

Not all Personal Training is created equal, so it is important to be doing the right kind to reach your goals. Weight Loss Personal Training is designed with the intention of helping you to steadily and sustainably reduce body fat. It combines the right type of resistance training, cardiovascular training and nutritional advice and support to make sure you build the healthy habits needed to shed fat and keep it off.

With so much information available these days, a lot of it often contradictory, it's hard to know what personal training programme is going to work for you.

So here is our guide to know if weight loss personal training at Elevate LDN could be right for you:


1. You have slowly put on weight

A lot of our clients say they didn't notice how much weight they had put on as it had happened slowly over time. Work, family life and other commitments often get in the way of even the best made plans for healthy living. We can help you make some of the key lifestyle changes needed to reverse the steady weight gain without having to overhaul your life.


2. You have been "yo-yo dieting"

Other clients we work with have been trying for years to shift those extra kilos. Often they will have had some short-term success but the weight always seems to come back. We work with you to find out what has been successful in the past and where slip ups have occurred. This helps us build a workable plan of action that preempts any stumbling blocks.


3. You are unsure what the best things are to do in the gym

Going to the gym can be a daunting task. This is made 10x worse when you aren't even sure you are doing the right things. Nobody wants to waste precious time doing something that is not going to benefit them. We teach you routines and give you plans that mean your time in the gym is as effective as possible.


4. You want support and accountability

One of the main reasons for failure to reach a goal is lack of accountability. If nobody is checking to make sure you are doing the things you need to, it's easy to fall off the wagon. Our coaches will be there for you to make sure you are sticking to the plan and giving you the support you need when you are struggling.


5.You want to demystify all the conflicting information about weight loss

Searching "weight loss" online brings up over a billion results! At best the information is generic as it's not written specifically for you and at worst some is just plain wrong. It's hard to know where to turn for reliable advice. So rather than sifting through all those websites yourself, our highly qualified coaches can filter out the noise and give you tailored advice that is specific to you.

So, you may have found the weight creeping on over time and this might not be your first time trying to lose it. If you are looking for advice, support, accountability and the knowledge you are doing the right thing, then Weight Loss Personal Training at Elevate LDN could be perfect for you. Click here to get in touch and book in your free consultation. If this isn’t quite right for you, check out the other specialist services we offer right in the heart of London here at Elevate LDN.

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Ben Davies

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