Who Is Yoga For?

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by Simone Murphy

You may be surprised to hear that Yoga was originally designed to allow people to sit comfortably for extended periods of time. The original poses (hatha) were developed to allow yogis to sit and meditate for as long as it took them to reach samadhi or enlightenment.

Where this is pretty far removed from our modern day, busy and high stress environment – it does draw a lot of similarities that can help us become much more comfortable in our day to day lives.

So is Yoga right for you? If you are looking for any of the following three benefits, then it probably is!


1. You want to improve your body's functionality

Spend most of your day sitting down? On the train, at your desk, in your meetings?

Yoga is ideal for anyone who spends the majority of their day sitting down. Sitting has become an inevitable part of modern day living, however it is causing us more problems than ever.

But have no fear! We, just like the yogis, are able to create a safer and more sustainable sitting position where not only the physical pain can be relieved, but productivity can be increased also. Through yoga, we can strengthen the back of the body and lengthen the front, bringing your body back to it’s neutral alignment.

By strengthening the core and increasing the range of flexibility in the muscles we essentially allow our body to restore its factory setting. This strength and flexibility allows us to lengthen and realign our spine, which not only allows us to stand taller and appear more open and confident; but also allows our spinal cord to send signals to and from the brain more efficiently, making us more alert, concise and therefore more productive.


2. You want to improve your flexibility

There is a lot of focus in fitness on gaining muscle, however in order for our body to work at it’s optimum capacity we need to be able to find length and release too. Many of our ailments, both physical and mental, come from a lack of flexibility – staying limber is just as important as staying strong.

The use of breath to support the muscles is imperative in all types of training, more so than we may realise. Through yoga we can start linking the breath to the body, finding a more efficient and safer way to train.

Whether you are looking to compliment your current training plan, focus on an injury or ailment or even just increase your range of motion; yoga is a fantastic way to gently allow your muscles to lengthen and release so that your body can function in the most effective way possible.


3. You are looking for physical and mental release

Finding release in our bodies and minds in our hectic daily lives is extremely difficult but also extremely important.

When our minds and bodies are full of tension and stress, we block ourselves from performing to the best of our abilities. By focusing in on our breath we can begin to release those tensions, helping us let go of any unnecessary stress that is prohibiting us from achieving our goals.

By learning to control the breath we can create a better physical state and mindset, which will allow us to be more proactive and productive, helping us on the road to success.

If one or more of these points resonates with you then Yoga may well be just what you are looking for. If so, click here to get in touch and book in your consultation. If this isn't quite right for you, check out the other specialist services we offer right in the heart of London here at Elevate LDN.

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Simone Murphy

Simone Murphy

Simone has been practicing yoga for over a decade. Having found yoga and meditation as a way to cope in a high pressure and physically demanding environment, Simone appreciates just how important yoga and meditation practice is to modern day living. Coming from a dance background, Simone has an in-depth understanding of working to (and gradually going beyond) the body’s limits, allowing her to safely push you to achieve more than you ever thought possible.


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