Who is Sports Performance Personal Training meant for?

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by Ben Davies

Sports Performance Personal Training is designed for those working in the city who are passionate about playing sports in their spare time. We understand the negative effects desk-based work can have on your body and how that can impact your sporting performance.

You don't need to be a professional athlete to focus on sports performance. In fact, we design our personal training programmes with the desk-bound athlete in mind.

So, is Sports Performance Personal Training a good fit for you? Here’s our 5 reasons why it could be:


1. You want to get an edge in the sports you compete in

You're competitive, there is nothing wrong with that, we are too! If you are competing you want to perform well, not just show up. Sports Performance Personal Training helps to give you that winning edge by working on all elements relevant to your sport. Whether that is agility for squash, quickness for football, strength for rugby or endurance for cycling.


2.You are concerned about injuries

Playing or competing in sports does come with an inherent risk of injury. But that doesn't mean you can't reduce the risk with intelligent training. Whether you have previously been injured or you are just concerned that you may get injured; our specialist coaches will teach you the techniques to build a stronger and more stable body.


3. You don’t have loads of time to train

Professional athletes have the luxury of getting to train for their sports all-day, everyday. The rest of us have to accept only being able to train around our work and other life commitments. This means we want to be sure that our limited time to train is well spent. We'll ensure that your training sessions focus on the most relevant exercises. We'll even show you how you can maximise your training time outside of Personal Training sessions.


4. Aches and pains stop you performing at your best

Unfortunately desk-based work and playing sports don't always go hand in hand. Poor seated posture and inactivity can lead to improper loading of joints and straining muscles and tendons. Sports Performance Personal Training takes this into account. We show you exercises to undo the negative effect of office work and then build stability, strength and power on top of this.


5. You want to make sure your gym sessions are relevant

The last thing you want to do is put in hours of hard work at the gym, only to find it is doing nothing for your sports performance. With all the seemingly conflicting advice available, it's hard to know whether you should be squatting or doing "functional" training. Our coaches will design your session based on your current physical abilities and the sports you compete in. This means all advice is bespoke and relevant to you.

So, if you want to getting that winning edge, shake off any aches and pains, stay injury free and be efficient and effective with your training time; then Sports Performance Personal Training could be ideal for you. Click here to get in touch and book in your free consultation. If this isn’t quite right for you, check out the other specialist services we offer right in the heart of London here at Elevate LDN.

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Ben Davies

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