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Specialist Personal Trainers

Welcome to Elevate LDN, a dedicated personal training studio located in the heart of the City of London. Our expert trainers each specialise in distinct areas of fitness.

From rehabilitative personal training and body transformation to sports performance and pre/postnatal fitness, we're dedicated to pairing you with the perfect trainer to meet your unique goals. Experience the difference of working with a specialist at Elevate LDN and elevate your fitness journey today.

What people are saying about us

Great little place. Everything you need. Ben and Jeremy are excellent and full of ideas and able to work well towards goals. Great personal trainers and good personal training gym. Great physios also just upstairs.
Paul F.
Excellent personal trainers who provide bespoke Training schedules. They have really improved my fitness and enthusiasm for keeping on with the exercises.
Tyrrell Young
Elevate LDN has been great for personal training. I have worked with Ben for over a year and it’s been a great experience. He’s very strategic on the training plan and had designed it to meet my goals incredibly well. He’s also a delight to spend an hour with each session.
Matt Oresman
Elevate is a fantastic studio for personal training. Everyone is incredibly friendly, the facilities are great, and it is good value for money for the quality of service you receive.
Larke Sutton
Amazing people. Knowledgeable Experts. Great facilities. Been seeing them for several years and would happily recommend them to anyone look for a personal trainer or treatments such as a sports massage.
Alim Ozcan

Elevate your fitness with one of our specialist personal trainers

What can our specialists help you with?

Body Transformation and Weight Loss

Achieve a lean, healthy physique through tailored nutrition plans and exercise programs that focus on burning fat, boosting metabolism, and improving overall fitness.

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Learn and refine boxing techniques, improve agility and coordination, and enhance cardiovascular fitness through high-intensity workouts that challenge both body and mind.

Pre and Post Natal

Safely maintain and improve your physical health during and after pregnancy with expert guidance, focusing on strengthening core muscles, pelvic floor, and overall fitness.

Lady doing Rehabilitative Exercise in Personal Training Studio

Rehabilitation and Corrective Exercise

Rehabilitative personal training aids recovery from injury or dysfunction through tailored exercises. Our expert trainers guide clients to restore function, promoting faster recovery and an improved quality of life.

Muscle Gain

Maximise muscle growth and develop a stronger, more defined body with targeted resistance training, progressive overload, and personalized nutrition strategies.

Sports Performance

Elevate your athletic abilities and excel in your chosen sport with specialised training programs designed to enhance speed, power, agility, and injury prevention.

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Strength & Conditioning

S&C personal training enhances your overall strength, fitness, and endurance by combining targeted strength exercises with conditioning workouts, ensuring a balanced and effective approach to achieve peak physical performance.

Elevate your fitness with one of our specialist personal trainers