Sports Performance Personal Training

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Who is sports performance personal training for?

Sports performance personal training is designed for ambitious men and women looking to excel in their chosen sports, such as track athletics, football, rugby, Aussie rules, Gaelic football, golf, swimming, basketball and more. Our specialised training programmes cater to athletes of all levels, from enthusiastic amateurs to seasoned professionals, who are seeking a competitive edge and wish to unlock their full potential.

Whether you work in the City of London and train during your free time or are a dedicated athlete pursuing your passion, our expert trainers will create bespoke training plans tailored to your specific sport, goals, and individual needs. With a focus on strength, cardiovascular fitness, and movement ability, our sports performance personal training helps you not only improve in your sport but also achieve peak performance and outshine your competition.

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What people are saying about our sport performance personal training programmes

I've been training with Ben for several months now. He's created a personal training programme centered around golf fitness that's increased my strength and flexibility. I've found that I feel stronger but also has helped me swing harder without getting small injuries that I had been picking up before. Ben is really great to work with and I'd definitely recommend.
Jason Kittinger - Golf
I have been working with Ben on personal training for a couple of years now, focussing on golf fitness. With his Titleist Performance Institute certification Ben is able to provide dedicated golf fitness training that has helped this middle aged, 13 handicap golfer to improve mobility, strength and (importantly) provide an extra 15 yards off the tee! Thanks Ben
David Pitts - Golf
Ben was recommended to me by my Chiropractor, I wanted to improve my flexibility and core strength to help with my Golf and to protect my back. I'm 64 and concious that I'm getting more vulnerable to injury and not hitting the ball as far as I used to! Ben personalised a series of one on one workouts for me which I could also do at home using an App. These took into consideration my body "issues" and age, and I found the whole process enjoyable and rewarding. My flexibility and core strength have improved week by week and I found the whole process very enjoyable. I would recommend anyone looking for similar improvements to sign up! I had a course of 12 sessions and am going back for more.
Martin Galway - Golf
Ben has been exceedingly helpful. I have been seeing him for personal training and he has materially improved my golf fitness. He understands the mechanics of the golf swing and my rotation, speed and power are all vastly better.
Brian Farrell - Golf

Benefits of Sports Performance Personal Training at Elevate LDN

Expert Trainers

At Elevate LDN, our expert trainers are not only highly qualified, but also heavily involved in competitive sports themselves. Holding prestigious certifications such as NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES) and Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Golf Fitness Specialist, they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure you receive the best possible guidance on your sports performance journey.

Sports Specific

Our sports performance personal training is tailored to your individual needs and the specific sport you play. We understand that each sport requires a unique approach and different training methods. Our trainers develop bespoke programmes to help you excel in your chosen discipline and reach your full potential on the field, track, or course.

Private Studio

Elevate LDN offers a private and intimate training environment, with a maximum of three concurrent sessions at any given time. This exclusive setting allows for a focused and personalised experience, ensuring you receive the attention and coaching you need to thrive. Our private studio is the ideal place for dedicated sports performance training, away from the distractions of large, overcrowded gyms.

Man doing SAQ exercises in a personal training studio
Personal Trainer assessing movements for a rehabilitative programme

What does it involve?

Sports-Specific Assessments

At Elevate LDN, our sports performance personal training begins with comprehensive sports specific assessments, designed to evaluate your mobility, stability, strength, and power. These tailored evaluations provide crucial insights into your physical capabilities, ensuring that your training programme is optimised for your chosen sport.

Our expert trainers carefully analyse the results of these assessments to identify areas of improvement and potential imbalances. By doing so, we can create a truly personalised training plan that addresses your specific needs and helps you overcome any limitations.

As you progress through the programme, regular reassessments are conducted to track your improvements and make necessary adjustments, ensuring that you are consistently advancing towards your performance goals. With our sports specific assessments and expert guidance, you’ll unlock your true potential and achieve peak performance in your chosen discipline.

Strength and Resistance Training

Elevate LDN’s sports performance personal training incorporates a comprehensive approach to strength and resistance training, addressing endurance, stability, strength, hypertrophy, and power. Our expert trainers recognise that different sports require varying levels of these modalities, and we’re dedicated to creating bespoke programmes tailored to your unique sporting needs.

Depending on your chosen sport, we’ll carefully design a training plan that strikes the perfect balance between endurance, stability, strength, hypertrophy, and power. For example, a rugby player may require more emphasis on power and strength, while a long-distance runner would benefit from a greater focus on endurance and stability.

By understanding the specific demands of your sport, we can create a customised training programme that enhances your athletic performance, minimises the risk of injury, and helps you excel in your chosen discipline. Let Elevate LDN’s sports performance personal training elevate your game with a targeted, intelligent approach to strength and resistance training.

man deadlifting bar in personal training studio
Speed, Agility, and Quickness Training

Elevate LDN’s sports performance personal training places a strong emphasis on Speed, Agility, and Quickness (SAQ) training, crucial components for enhancing athletic performance in various sports. Our expert trainers are skilled at identifying the specific SAQ requirements for your sport, ensuring that your training programme is tailored to help you excel in your chosen discipline.

Depending on your sport, our personalised SAQ training will focus on developing the precise attributes needed to improve your performance. For instance, a footballer or tennis player will benefit from honing their agility and quickness to react rapidly to changing situations, while a sprinter will primarily focus on pure speed.

Our tailored SAQ training programmes will not only improve your athletic performance but also contribute to increased coordination, balance, and injury prevention. Let Elevate LDN’s sports performance personal training unlock your full potential by refining your speed, agility, and quickness, giving you a competitive edge in your chosen sport.

Cardiovascular Fitness Training

Boost your athletic performance with Elevate LDN’s sports performance personal training, designed to enhance your cardiovascular fitness. A strong cardiovascular system is essential for athletes in various sports, as it directly affects stamina, endurance, and overall performance levels.

Our expert trainers create personalised cardiovascular training programmes tailored to your sport and individual needs. Whether you are a long-distance runner or a high-intensity team sport athlete, we will devise a training plan that targets your specific cardiovascular requirements. Our approach goes beyond traditional treadmill workouts, incorporating innovative and engaging exercises to make your training enjoyable and effective.

Experience the benefits of improved cardiovascular fitness, including increased energy levels, better recovery, and enhanced overall performance, as you work with Elevate LDN’s sports performance personal trainers to reach new heights in your athletic pursuits.

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Man stretching in personal training gym

What sports have our personal trainers developed training programmes for?

Our team of sports performance personal trainers have a combined experience of well over 30 years, and during that time, they have worked with clients from various sports backgrounds and levels of expertise. They have helped athletes improve their performance in numerous disciplines, including:


Sports performance personal training is a tailored approach to fitness, focusing on enhancing an individual’s athletic abilities in their specific sport. This type of training aims to improve strength, agility, speed, endurance, and other sport-specific skills to help athletes reach their full potential.

While regular personal training aims to improve general fitness and health, sports performance training focuses on developing skills and physical abilities specific to an athlete’s sport. It involves sport-specific assessments, targeted exercises, and programming to help athletes excel in their chosen discipline.

Absolutely! Sports performance training is beneficial for athletes at all levels, from beginners to professionals. It helps improve overall performance, reduces the risk of injury, and enhances enjoyment of the sport by building confidence and competence in sport-specific skills.

Sports performance trainers conduct a thorough assessment, considering your sport, goals, and current fitness level. They evaluate your mobility, stability, strength, and power to create a tailored programme that addresses your specific needs and areas for improvement.

Yes, sports performance training is ideal for both individual and team sports. It helps improve coordination, communication, and teamwork, as well as enhancing the physical abilities required for success in your chosen sport. It is worth noting that we only work with athletes in a 1 on 1 capacity.

The frequency of sports performance training depends on your sport, goals, current fitness level and the seasonal nature of your sport. Generally, 2-3 sessions per week are recommended, in addition to your regular sport-specific practice and conditioning. This can be discussed further with your trainer.

Sports performance training can reduce the risk of injury by improving an athlete’s movement patterns, strength, flexibility, and stability. It also helps identify and address muscular imbalances that may contribute to injury. 

The time it takes to see results varies, depending on your starting point, goals, and commitment to the programme. However, most athletes begin noticing improvements in their performance within a few weeks of consistent sports performance training.

Our sports specialist trainers at Elevate LDN hold advanced certifications, such as NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES) and TPI Golf Fitness Specialist, ensuring they have the knowledge and expertise to help you excel in your chosen sport.

Yes, sports performance training can significantly enhance your running performance by improving your strength, endurance, power, and running mechanics. It addresses muscle imbalances, optimises your stride, and helps prevent common running injuries.

Sports performance training is beneficial for athletes of all ages, including youth athletes. It helps develop foundational skills, enhances physical abilities, and instils good habits for lifelong success in sport. It is vital that parental consent if given for under-18s attending personal training sessions.

Sports performance training is customised to your sport by focusing on the unique physical demands and skills required for success. Your trainer will design a programme based on your initial assessment that addresses your sport’s specific needs, such as agility for basketball players or mobility for golfers.

Definitely! Almost all pro golfers work with TPI Golf Fitness Specialists. You can enhance your golf performance by improving mobility, stability, strength, and power. This helps you achieve a more efficient and powerful golf swing.

Performance training complements your regular training by addressing areas that need improvement and enhancing your overall athletic abilities. Your trainer will work with you to create a balanced programme that aligns with your existing schedule and sport-specific training.

Yes, sports performance training can be combined with other types of personal training, such as general fitness or rehabilitation-focused sessions. Your trainer will ensure that all aspects of your training are cohesive and support your overall goals.

Sports performance training is beneficial for a wide range of sports, a list of the ones our trainers are experienced with can be found above. 

Sports performance training can significantly improve your endurance by addressing cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, and overall conditioning. This will enable you to maintain peak performance for longer periods during your sport, enhancing your overall athletic abilities.

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