Personal Training
Should Be Personal

Our specialist team in the City of London have several unique ways designed to help you reach your goals.


Strength and conditioning are two key traits of any athlete. That doesn’t mean you need to be a professional to want the benefits of being strong and physically fit.

Our specialist trainers will design your training to your specific needs and level, so there is no such thing as being too fit or unfit to join our programmes.


Forget fad diets, learn how to develop the key habits that help you lose weight and keep it off. Getting rid of bodyfat should not be about abstaining from all nice food and spending your whole life in the gym.

Our specialist trainers based in the will develop strategies with you that work with your lifestyle. We’ll help you build healthy habits and learn to enjoy getting fit.


Punch your way to a healthier version of you with our specialist boxing trainers. Boxing personal training pushes your cardiovascular fitness to its limits.

You’ll be so focused on combos and techniques that you won’t even realise how hard you push yourself. Let our specialist trainers take your fitness to the next level.


Our sports performance personal training helps you to not just play sports, but to perform at your best. We are passionate about sports and we know how much they mean to you.

Our specialist team can help you develop the strength, cardiovascular fitness and movement ability needed to keep you performing at your best.


Our specialist trainers can help you get back to full fitness while helping you learn to take care of your body. Rehabilitation Personal Training is for people who have had issues with joint and back pain and who want to improve their posture and movement.

Programmes are designed to improve your core strength, your joint stability, increase your mobility and get your body moving like it is meant to.


The high-tech, fully-personalised training programme designed around London’s CEOs, MDs and Global Heads.

Developed by our senior trainer, Ben Davies, who has spent the last seven years working with London’s executives and directly with companies, developing strategies and programmes to keep you at your peak.