Our Personal Training Services

See the areas of expertise of our specialist personal trainers in the City of London

Rehabilitation and Corrective Exercise

Rehabilitative personal training focuses on recovery from injury or dysfunction using tailored exercises. Our skilled trainers help clients regain function, accelerate recovery, and enhance life quality.

Techniques include targeted stretches, stability exercises, and mobility drills to address muscular imbalances and joint restrictions, improving overall movement quality and preventing future injuries.

Body Transformation and Weight Loss​

Body transformation and weight loss programmes aim to improve physique and overall health. Our trainers develop personalised exercise routines and provide nutritional guidance for sustainable weight loss and enhanced body composition. 

Combining strength training, cardiovascular exercises, and functional movements, our approach ensures clients stay committed to their goals and achieve lasting results.

Muscle Gain

Muscle gain programmes focus on increasing lean muscle mass and strength. Our expert trainers create customised workout plans incorporating progressive resistance training, functional movements, and conditioning exercises. 

Emphasising proper technique, optimal recovery, and nutrition guidance, our muscle gain programmes cater to individuals of various fitness levels, from beginners to advanced athletes.


Our boxing programmes improve fitness, build strength, and teach self-defence skills. Our expert trainer guides clients through boxing fundamentals, including stance, footwork, punching techniques, and defence strategies. 

High-energy workouts challenge cardiovascular endurance, core strength, and overall agility, catering to individuals of all skill levels in a supportive environment.

Sports Performance

Sports performance training enhances athletes’ performance and potential. Expert trainers develop sport-specific workout programmes to improve strength, speed, agility, endurance, and mobility. 

Our customised approach addresses individual weaknesses, builds upon existing strengths, and emphasises injury prevention, enabling athletes to compete safely and confidently.

Pre and Post Natal

Pre and post-pregnancy training supports women through pregnancy and beyond, promoting a healthy lifestyle and smooth recovery. Expert trainers design safe, effective workouts that accommodate expectant and new mothers’ unique needs. 

Focus areas include core and pelvic floor muscle strengthening, posture improvement, and maintaining overall fitness, empowering women to stay active and confident throughout motherhood.

Strength and Conditioning

Unlock your full physical potential with a comprehensive program that combines strength training and conditioning. Develop greater power, endurance, and mobility while enhancing overall fitness, tailored to your unique needs and goals. 

Our expert trainers ensure safe, effective workouts for maximum results.